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Rejuvenating Social Work Profession..!!

MASTER IN SOCIAL WORK IS A PROGRAM FOR GRADUATES WHO INSPITE OF THEIR AREA OF SPECIALIZATION IN ANY STREAM (GRADUATION) CAN ASPIRE FOR THIS PROFESSIONAL COURSE & BE PART OF THE SOCIAL IN MANIFOLD AND MULTIFARIOUS WAYS...!! Social Work is a professional and academic discipline committed to the pursuit of SOCIAL WELFARE through consulting for social problems. The field works towards research and practice to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community in a society. Social workers draw on the social and behavioural sciences to solve social issues and also work in policy development, analysis and advocacy. SIPS builds the students through the instrument of these advanced course and turns the desire of reorienting their urge for service & commitment... blossoming into caring professionals.
Miss. Bhagyashree Kar, MSW Part-I Student 
SIPS has provided me the way of developing my skills in various fields of Social work and today as a part of SIPS I realized the development of society. I am proud that SIPS has given me the opportunity to make safe and secure society.
Rediscover Fashion Trends..!!
FASHION DESIGN IS A QUALITIVE PROGRAME TO THOSE ASPIRANTS WHO ARE INTERMEDIATE AS WELL HAVE A DREAM TO DRAPE THE ENTIRE WORLD WITHTHE BEST APPARELS AND CREATE DESIGNS BY THEIR NAMES TO FOLLOW. Fashion is an exploration into the images people wish to convey about themselves and the way they live. The Fashion Design Program at SIPS helps students garner the technical skills they need for successful careers in the Fashion Industry in a highly professional environment, learning from some of the best professionals. The curriculam is devoted to Fashion Design fundamentals-the language and skills of the Industry. Students study and practice Pattern Making, Draping, Fabric & ColourCo-ordination, Sewing and construction, model drawing, Fashion illustration etc. A part from understanding the needs of the creative markets both in India and Abroad providing creative visual design, education, exploring colour imagery and surface pattern through a wide range of processes, the curriculam invites students to express their creativity and acquire technical skills to excel in the field. Fashion Industry is growing day by day and they hires fresh gradutes coz of their skills and ability to perform the work . So make your dream career in this booming Industry.
Miss. Namita Kerketta, BFD 2nd Year 
SIPS has dynamic faculties over here to teach the students with their great skills and new ideas in different fields of Fashion Design. SIPS really have a potential to developed the inner skills of a student and succed any student in this present scenario.

Reviving Tourism & Hospitality Education..!!
This is a three year Bachelor’s degree program for those who have completed their intermediate in any stream and aspire Tourism & Hospitality in their genes to be a part of globalized career. However, being a part of the world’s most Dynamic & Exciting Industry is not for everyone , You have to be ambitious, creative and have the passion to work in an industry that’s Constantly generating new ideas. SIPS is your key to a position as a top-level manager or executive in the Hospitality Industry. Our rigorous focus on academic instruction, hands-on learning and business leadership sets us apart from other hotel schools. There is a high demand of Indian Hotel Managers & Staff in the International Hotel Industry, particularly in the Middle East. “ The Manpower shortage is also being felt in Europe (including the UK), The US, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong etc. They like to hire Indian Hotel and restaurant Managers because of their High Level of Education and experience in the Industry”Its estimated that around 20 %Hotel Management Graduates go to Foreign Countries.
Mr. Ankur Raj, BDTHS Final Year (Placed in Crowne Plaza, Bangalore)
SIPS is not only a college rather it is a place where one can come, join hands with enlightment and knowledge for the betterment of their career prospect inthe upcoming industries of the entire globe.